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Common Failures and Maintenance Methods of Vacuum Cleaners

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Household vacuum cleaner now has almost replaced the traditional manual work, brought great convenience to our lives, when we use a vacuum cleaner, hard to avoid can appear a few little faults, as well as some common sense about the vacuum cleaner is not very understanding, in a vacuum cleaner when the choose and buy some customers often ask a series of problems: barrel type vacuum cleaner dust bag how to install?Vacuum cleaner air leakage is a normal phenomenon?What does efficient HEPA filtering mean and so on.In view of these problems today to sort out and summarize the following about the use of household vacuum cleaner difficult problems to answer, I hope to help you in the purchase of household vacuum cleaner and the use of household vacuum cleaner can be helpful.

 一、The vacuum cleaner motor can turn without vacuuming

Its main reason has: (1) the dust bag inside the vacuum cleaner has been full to lead to the gas blocked.Remove the garbage in the dust bag.(2) hose, suction nozzle, dust bag interface is blocked by foreign matter.Should check each channel and micropore whether block, remove the foreign body to make it patency can.The connection between the hose, brush seat and the extension pipe is not good, causing air leakage.Check all connections and reconnect.(4) the middle connection part of the shell is not connected or the sealing apron aging failure, etc.Check the joint, and check the sealing ring, if necessary for replacement.


二、The machine does not work after power is connected

Its main reason has: the fuse burns out, replaces the new fuse.(2) poor power line contact or loose motor lead.(note: some vacuum cleaners have two switches: one on the housing, the other on the handle of the hose).(4) motor damage.Only replace the new motor, if the motor bearing damage or carbon brush wear, can replace the new bearing or carbon brush.

三、The vacuum cleaner has a weak suction

The main reasons are: (1) the motor speed is too low.Check whether the motor is normal (such as whether the winding is short circuit, whether the bearing is flexible, whether the fan blade is blocked), and replace it if damaged.(2) the fan and motor fixed, resulting in the fan does not turn or the speed is too low, re-fixed.(3) hose, suction nozzle, dust storage bags seriously blocked.Remove foreign body to ensure patency.The shell seal is not tight.Replace with a new seal.


四、Vacuum cleaner housing electric leakage

(1)Motor insulation failure.Only after drying, insulation treatment, if no effect to replace the new motor.

(2)The live part is connected with the metal rod.Find the contact point and insulate it with insulation.


五、The vacuum cleaner will interfere with the TV or radio

It is mainly caused by poor contact between the brush and commutator of the motor.The solution is to replace the brush so that it keeps good contact with the commutator and connect a capacitor between the two brushes.


六、The power cord of the vacuum cleaner cannot be stopped after being pulled out

Check whether there is good contact between the brake wheel of the brake system and the friction plate on the reel, and replace the spring and other related parts if necessary


七、The noise increases obviously when the vacuum cleaner is working
The main reason is: (1) the fasteners loose.Check all fasteners and reinforce them.(2)Motor fan loose, or fan blade against the housing.Just readjust the fan.(3) motor bearing damage.Replace the bearings.(4) motor carbon brush wear.Replace the carbon brush!

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