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Classification of vacuum cleaner brushes

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  Present vacuum cleaner brushes function is very powerful, already limited at clean ground not just, it still can clean metope, sheet, curtain, small home appliance to wait a moment, very practical.  But a vacuum cleaner that wants to clean so many places usually requires regular replacement of a special type of brush head.  So what kind of vacuum cleaner brush head?  This article will give you a brief overview.

 vacuum cleaner brushes

  First, dust brush head  

  The brush head is made of some long soft bristles and is very good for cleaning curtains, walls, etc.  

  Two, pet brush head  

  Pet brush head is a special brush for cleaning pet hair. This brush head can easily and quickly clean up all the buying methods on the bed, without leaving a trace, and it is very easy to clean up. Through vibration and pat to absorb the skin with people such as sheet, quilt cover, pillow direct contact with other objects in the end of the worm level dirt and so on.

  Three, round brush head  

  Round brush head is also called small suction nozzle, it can do 360* rotation, convenient cleaning furniture, fine mesh fabric, very flexible.  

  Four, mite removal brush head  

  Mite removal brush head is a brush head that can effectively remove mites on the bed sheets. When our bedding is used for a long time, there will certainly be some mites, so the mite removal brush head is still very useful.  

 Five, flat suction nozzle brush head  

  Flat suction nozzle brush head, also known as gap suction nozzle, is a thin, flat hard suction nozzle.  It is especially suitable for cleaning wall side, radiant warm piece, corner and shallow narrow place. Suck in some angular, hard to touch areas.

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