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A warning from the vacuum mop head

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You might think you're a good cleaner, You catch up with the latest Vacuum Cleaner.Your home is always nice and clean. Because you vacuum every day or even every few days. Yes, everything seems fine until you learn what lurks in your vacuum cleaner and just how dirty it really is. 

It's nothing new that vacuum cleaners need their own cleaning attention. A warning from the vacuum mop head.  You really need to replace your vacuum cleaner mop head, otherwise it's endangering your health. Some New mop heads is better than a new Vacuum Cleaner.

Although the Vacuum Cleaner is a very convenient lazy essential artifact, but the late cleaning maintenance can not be ignored. Every cleaning, the bottom of the sweeping robot and the dust box will accumulate all kinds of dust, bacteria and other debris, if a long time to let go, light fuselage dirty, affecting the cleaning effect and beauty;  On the other hand, bacteria breed, which can not only produce odor, but may even pose a threat to human health. 

vacuum cleaner parts

When cleaning, the brush headwill be in direct contact with the ground, and the above nature will not be contaminated with some dust and bacteria, and even there will be hair and other fibers wound among them, so it is necessary to replace the vacuum cleaner parts just as mop head regularly. 

Don't let household cleaners become germ camps!

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