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Disposable Mask Cleaning Method

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The outer layer of disposable mask often accumulates a lot of dirt in the outside air, bacterium waits for dirt, and the inner layer is blocking the bacterium that exhales, saliva, accordingly, two sides cannot be used alternately, the dirt that can be contaminated with outer layer is inhaled human body when clingy face directly, and become contagion source.When the mask is not worn, it should be folded and put into a clean envelope. The mask should be folded close to the mouth and nose.

If disposable mask is exhaled by the heat or saliva wet, its blocking bacteria will be greatly reduced.So, usually had better have a few more masks, in order to replace the use, should be washed once a day.Wash with boiling water should be hot for 5 minutes.

The specific method of disposable mask cleaning is as follows:

1. Cleaning.Rub gauze mask gently with warm water and soap first, the bowl-shaped mask can be dipped in detergent with a soft brush gently brush, and then clean with clean water.Please be careful not to rub vigorously, because if the gap between the warp and weft of the gauze is too large, it will lose the function of preventing droplets.

2. Disinfection.Soak the clean mask in a 2% solution of peracetic acid for 30 minutes or boil it in boiling water for 20 minutes or steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes and let dry.This method is suitable for gauze masks and bowl-shaped masks.

3. Check.Before using again, should carefully check whether the mask and mask are still in good condition, for gauze mask and mask can take light transmittance test method, that is, take the lamp in front of the care, see if there is a clear spot, the middle part and the edge part of the light transmittance is consistent, if in doubt to replace the new.In any case, masks and masks are generally updated after three to seven washes, and masks of particularly good quality can be cleaned up to 10.Activated carbon adsorption mask should be paid attention to regularly replace the activated carbon sandwich, if the activated carbon sandwich is not replaceable, used for 7 to 14 days will be replaced, this mask can not be cleaned after re-use.

Method of application:

1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask.

2. Hold the ear cord in both hands, with the dark side outside (blue) and the light side inside (suede white).

3, put the side of the mask with metal wire (there is a small hard) on the nose, according to their own nose shape pinched metal wire and then the mask cover body completely pulled down, so that the mask completely cover the mouth and nose.

4, the disposable mask is generally 8 hours to replace one, can not be reused.

Matters needing attention:

1. Disposable mask should be used within the validity period.

2. Only use once, and destroy after use.

3. It is forbidden to use if the package is damaged.

4. Pay attention to the production date.

Storage conditions:

Disposable masks should be stored in a room with relative humidity not exceeding 80%, no corrosive gases and good ventilation to avoid high temperature.

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