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Air Purifier Filter for Blueair Classic 200 / 300 Series

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  • 274-filter
  • Blue Sky
  • 8421991000

Product Details of Blueair Air Purifier Filter

Part Name             Air Purifier Filter for Blueair Classic 200 / 300 Series
Part NO.  274-filter
To Fit  For Blue Air Particle Filter 200 Series
Sizes  455x365x45mm
Colour   White Paper and Black Cardboard (Customized)
Structures  Glassfiber
Filtering Efficiency Grade  H13 (Customized)
Special Properties  Better Filtration Means Cleaner Air, Less Dusting, and Longer Secondary Filter Life
Packaging  (Customized)

Air Purifier Filter for Classic 200 / 300 Blueair Filter

 Air Purifier Filter for Blueair Classic 200 / 300 Series

 Air Purifier Filter for Blueair Classic 200 / 300 Series

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Why Choose Us of Blueair 200 Air Purifier Filter

Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd.

As a professional manufacturer of air filtering products with ISO9001 and ISO14001

 in China, Nanjing Blue Sky Filter Co.,Ltd. Produces and supplies the following items:

1. Dust bags / air filters for the vacuum cleaners.
2. Air filters for the air purifiers / air scrubbers / humidifiers / dehumidifiers
3. Grease Air Filters for Kitchen Cooker Hoods
4. Odor / Smell Absorb Air Filters for Refrigerators
5. Air filters for motors and automobiles
6. Advanced air filters for medical appliances
7. Prefilter + HEPA filters for HVAC and any other usages, such as V-bank HEPA Filters
8. Air Filters and filter bags for the industrial machines and equipment as the replacements

Our air filters are various with different shapes and materials according to the customer’s 

specifications and requirements.
And the efficiency grade is from low to HEPA 14 grade (MERV 19) according to 

EN779, EN1822 and ASHRAE.
And our technical department is ready to develop any new air filter item for residential, 

commercial and industrial use.

Our Company of Air Purifier Filter for Blueair

FAQ of Blueair 300 Air Purifier Filter

1. Can the product be customized?

Yes, both the product and the packaging can be customized.

2. How to pay?

Our company accepts various ways of payment, such as T/T , L/C etc.

3. How long is the delivery time?

It depends on the order quantity. USually it takes about 30 days to produce a full 20' container.

4. Do you arrange the shipment?

Yes, our company can arrange the shipment to deliver the goods according to the client's customer's requirements.

5. What about the after-sales service?

Our company is responsible for the supplied product within its usage life.

Please feel free to send your designs and samples for our company to cooperate with you!

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