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Difference between ultrasonic humidifier and thermal transpiration humidifier

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Humidification principle is different

Ultrasonic humidifier is a mist type humidifier. It disperses water into mist through ultrasonic high frequency vibration, and then blows it into the air and moistens the air through the built-in small fan.

  • Its advantages are high humidification efficiency and affordable price.

A better type of humidifier is cold evaporation and hot transpiration two non-fog type humidifier, humidifying area will be wider, the disadvantage is that the price will be much more expensive than ultrasonic.

  • Cold evaporation humidifies and lowers the room temperature

  • Heat transpiration humidifier, it is through high temperature heating to produce steam to achieve humidification, equivalent to the advanced version of "electric humidifier". Through 100 high temperature distillation technology atomization humidification, humidification can also target at the water quality of bacteria inhibition, remove residual chlorine in water, high humidification efficiency, more delicate water mist.

    BS1060 (1)

The humidification effect is different

  • In the first place,The humidification amount reflects the humidification capacity of the humidifier. The higher the humidification amount, the better the humidification effect and the larger the range of the humidification effect.

      The humidification capacity of ultrasonic humidifier is 330ml/h, and the humidification capacity of transpiration humidifier is 600ml/h, which can be easily handled even in such a large space as the living room.

  • Secondly, the degree of water mist is exquisite. The transpiration humidifier has natural technical quality, and the steam is more exquisite. It can be said that it is "moistening things silently", and there is no need to worry about wetting the desktop floor.

  •     In the water source, the transpiration humidifier can directly use tap water, through its own filter element to remove impurities and filter the water, and then through high temperature distillation technology to remove bacteria and humidification, but also through the release of plasma to purify the surrounding air, basically can reach the level of drinking hot spring water mist, do not worry about causing humidifier pneumonia and various health problems.

      Otherwise,The transpiration humidifier uses three layers of water filter element (non-woven fabric + silver ion +FOF scale inhibitor material), which can effectively solve the problems of particle impurities in the humidifier water, bacteria breeding in the water tank and scale formation in the water tank.

Ultrasonic humidifiers can only use pure water, which is actually a hidden cost.

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